Tribute piece for a guy that rents out a movie theatre and plays old horror movies

Bit the bullet and bought some of the priciest select pine ive encountered to date ($8.00 sq ft lol) but it was pretty nice. Guy whos local to me rents out a older movie theatre and play movies such as “the thing” and “they live”. Im a bit younger so I never got to see these as a kid in the movies but I love them as an adult. Thanks to him and I was able to see some of this stuff in a theatre setting, this was pre covid of course.

This was kind of like a hey thanks for doing what you do. He doesnt do it for profit and frankly I think hes lucky to break even most of the time.

Done with the following on V Carve

  • 1:V60 whiteside 1/4
  • 2:End mill was a 2 flute whiteside 1/4


  • Select pine 3/4 thick
  • Pre stain
  • Red oak stain
  • Spray paint lacquer black
  • Water Based poly (critter sprayer)

Took maybe 1-2 hours to carve and cut out. Wanted to use brush on black paint but I didnt have any and it was really late. Brush on wont bleed into the wood as much if any.

I bitmap traced his logo and bought the horror movie characters off Etsy as SVGs


I love what the guy’s doing and your tribute to him is ‘Da Bomb!’. I’m sure he was/will be thrilled with it! I hope he’s doing it in one of those cool old theaters from the era when going to the movies was an ‘event’.

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He was blown away gave it to him last night said it was “bananas” lol. Figured maybe hell repost it on his IG ill get a few new follows from local people maybe a little business out of it, if not im still pumped to make something unique.

The theater is somewhat old been up since 1941. Its had some minor renovations but still has that “old” feel to it. He typically would do double features that are related (The thing, Big trouble in little china = Kurt Russel). And also have giveaways in between the movies and movie related party favors. its a good time and I appreciate that kind of stuff as im a bit of a scary/cult classic/sci fi movie guy myself.

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I really like the title for this post :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Years ago I was on jury duty in Jersey City NJ and a local one day asked me if I wanted to see something neat during lunch break. We walked to this local theater and received a great tour.

It’s the kind of place you could understand putting on your ‘Sunday Best’ to go see a flick in. I believe there’s another old theater in the area showing old movies much like the lucky recipient of your award. :+1:
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Couldn’t get more descriptive right ha

It’s definitely something you want to take advantage of while you’re able to. Lotta history of those walls.

Sure wasn’t the local multi-plex. :crazy_face:

I even recognize all the characters! Although I can’t tell if one of them is the Bride of Frankenstein or Eraserhead… :wink:

Beautiful work, I’m glad the recipient was pleased with it.

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It was frank he got a little lost in the fine details. An Eraserhead one would be cool too, man that was a weird one lol.