Tricks for easy Z Nutlock replacement?

So I got my build to the point that I wanted to give it a test and make sure everything was going smoothly.
I made a small error in one of my commands and gave a G0 Z1000 instead of a G0 Z100. What a difference a zero makes :stuck_out_tongue: .
Needless to say the Z axis hit the bed. No major damage other than the Z nutlock. It cracked and split so I’ll need to replace it.

I’ve removed the old nutlock but it was a nightmare to grip the nuts while the machine is assembled. I can’t see an easy way to get the nuts in place while fitting the new one though.
Anyone have any tricks/knacks for fitting a new Z nutlock while the machine is assembled?

I’ve done it a few times now. You need a small flat screwdriver along with the phillips. Jam the standard screwdriver beside the nut so it can’t spin and tighten the screw. Takes a bit to get the hang of at first.

I was able to take the old one off that way but my problem is I can’t get the nuts into position at the back of middle assembly. The top one is awkward but the conduit is blocking me from getting the bottom one in. Can’t even get it with a needle-nose pliers.
How did you get the bottom nut into position?

I could reach it with a finger, so I got the nut to stick to my finger to get started, then used a screwdriver jammed into it. You can also just take the bottom piece off, then put it back on afterwards.

Managed to get it into place earlier. I glued the nut to the end of a cable tie and was able to get a start on it that way.
Noticed that my Z motor mount had also cracked then, so off to reprint that now.

I’d just epoxy that, unless it’s really bad.

Also, really good idea!