Tried something new (to me)

About 50 bucks in material, 20 hours of machine time, and 2 or 3 hours of computer labor (tool paths, i bought the file) and 3 hours of manual labor.
OH yeah, on my 2x4 primo.


I love it :slight_smile:

Wood and finish?

Looks like your tool change(s) were spot on.

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That’s really beautiful :slight_smile:

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Very nice!

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Thanks everyone. I’m using the dual stops and tiny touch plate, so tool changes and restarts were easy.
This is pine, stain, and poly. 6mm two flute hss to rough, 1/8 in two flute ball to finish, then a couple hours of sanding.


That is impressive, and looks amazing. It took a lot of work but it payed off. WOW


Worth all of the time and money you have put into it. Beautiful.

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