Trouble 3d printer missing steps/ filament

Hi again, a few weeks ago I also questioned about this problem. Then I decided to buy everything from your website. So I did. Yesterday I installed everything and it’s working better then before. However: the biggest problem is still there.

  1. Did you buy everything from here? a) Yes, except the 3d printed parts
  2. Are you using end stops? No, running on PC

Video of the problem:
At 0:56 seconds you can see the problem really start.

I first made vicious logo with from the sample file with the pen. This went well, except for the end. But that could also be because i don’t use a pen mount. Then I began 3D printing with the basic settings and the test file from: Repetier host settings are also taken. I can’t find the problem anymore and running out of ideas how to fix this. I hope with all this information I can finally find the solution. The hardware isn’t the problem anymore and the software has the correct settings. As I measure the distance of all parts are correct. Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance, from a (now) clueless 3d printer maker.

Hi Sneakyman,

I don’t have a MPCNC yet (busy printing) but know something about 3D-printing.
First I think the filament is not sticking well enough on the surface. You have to make sure the printbed surface is suitable. If you use PLA, take a smooth surface and use blue painters tape on it. Or use a glassplate with special 3D printing glue (aerosol).

Second I think the X and Y-axis are not well calibrated. Maybe to much backlash to get the filament strokes exactly side by side.

I don’t know what your setting are (and nozzle diam.) but I think you have to experiment with the settings in Repetier:

  • It looks like the flowrate is too high. In Repetier: Configuration > Filament tab > flow. Or while printing in the Manual Control tab.
  • Try an infill overlap of 5%
  • Try Retraction speed of 140 mm/s and retraction distance 4 mm.
  • PLA temperature about 190 degrees.

But, as I said, I don’t use a MPCNC printer and different printers has different settings, but you can easily play with the settings and look for the result…

Goof luck,

Something is wrong with your frame. That logo with the pen is horrible, and you are missing steps.

Are your pulleys tight? test this by trying to pull them off the shafts. Send a pic of the full build, something is wrong.

I did forget a very important matter to stick your first layer on the bed. The distance between nozzle and bed has to be very secure. Try 0.2 mm to begin with. A feeler gauge is very handy…


Thanks for your answers. I have checked the pulleys and made everything thight. Now the drawing is fine (points are matching, only faults now are because of movement pen that is not placed in holder, multiple tests and everytime somewehere else that it goes like photo). So I think it’s perfectly square now. I made a new 3d print test. See images also for difference print. The print is still weird and not correct/ missing filament. But 1 good thing: it isn’t going to the left anymore. It goes straight up

I have made some photo’s, but made it while little bit dark here. If you need other photo’s please ask.
Also Jack, thanks for thinking with us, these things I have correctly set. The nozzle is on 2mm, however: that is a pretty hard part. The filament is sticking. The last picture was some leftovers. I have a glue spray for sticking the filament.

Hope you can help me with the filament output part. Since you said last time that this should be good out of the box.
Some wires still laying there and some already tug in. The others i wait for till it works.
Thanks again!

Your belts are too loose.