Trouble creating gcode from ESTLCAM. it worked and now it doesn't

I am including my Estlcam and g code. my gcode seems to be missing X and Y coordinates. 210428-logo5.gcode (78.3 KB)

wait, I can’t upload the Estlcam file. I can share by google drive later if needed.

Try going to “Setup” | “CNC Programs” and make sure that it’s on the Marlin preset.

I went back through the ESTLCAM setup page on the v1 site. Nothing had changed.

Thank you

I am not sure why it would do that but to me it looks like it isn’t formatting the Gcode for marlin. Going back through those setup steps should have worked.

Maybe uninstall Estlcam and reinstall.

When you do get it working again. I strongly suggest that you export a copy of all your settings and also export a copy of your tool list. I keep backups of those for my machines. One setup for the laser engraver and another for the router.

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I will try uninstall and reinstalling. Thank you

That worked. Thanks.

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