Trouble when cutting !

Hello everybody !

So, finallty the CNC is done and we run the first test of cutting… And here is the problem !! We tried a lot of different parameters and dxf, but the same bug happen radomly during the cutting… !

In fact, the CNC follow the repetier and also the cut we want to do, but randomly, it become crazy and unfollow the code to make is own way !

Because pictures are better than poor explanations, here are some results of this :

Please guys help usssssssssss !!!

Thank you !!

This is the Gcode i used for the last test. Done with ESTLacm V9 and launch with repetier V1.5.6 !

OZ3D.txt (137 KB)

Holy crap! Here’s your problem.

;No. 1: Contour interieur 4
G00 X46.5739 Y119.4152
G00 Z0.5000
G01 Z-1.0000 F2502 S24000

Your feed rate is way too high. I’ve been engraving at 90 to 100 mm/s, you’re trying to cut at 2,502mm/s.

Hello Barry ! Thank you for your feedback ! So you think it’s my feed rate who can change also the direction of cutting ? Because first that cut very well but quite randomly, the way of the cutting change completly and don’t respect what estlcam and repetier ask to do !

So to change my feedrate, i change it in estlcam ?

Do you think feed rate impact the global shape of cutting also ??

Thank you !

If the feedrate is too fast, you can miss steps and get bizarre results. And they will not make sense in a similar fashion to what you see there.

I set up the feedrate in estlcam for each of the tools, and usually set up one or more tools for each type of cutting I will do.

I think a huge feedrate can cause very strange issues in the cutting shape… Though my experience there is more from my laser cnc than the mpcnc.

Hi !

Ok thank you for the feedback. So th feedrate must be changed ! I change it in the tool directly in estlcam ?

Wich feedrate for cutting laminated wood 5 mm do you think it’s the best ??

Have a look at the intermediate walkthough for an idea about speed and depth for a 1/8" bit.

Sorry wrong one,