Trouble. With Rambo 1.4

hi I got the 1.4 dual firmware. Looking at the guide I wired it up. No led d light. Lit up when I plugged it in I measure 12.4 v. Across the. Power screws. Lock down and test the fuse. Looks good. No resistance. Did I miss something here

Don’t forget the jumper

and watch that polarity stays consistent all the way from the power brick to the connections at the board.

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Yeah I figured it out on the wiki for Rambo. I took care of it it’s working. Now except my z axis will run. But when the coupling is hooked up it clicking. And not moving the z axis up or down little stuck there

That means it is too snug or needs lube. Try making sure the brass nut is a little loose.


Thanks. What it was was I tighten the brass but down to tight. There was some misalignment there

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