troubleshooting Ramps 1.4

As per Ryan’s request, I’m posting here. While I wait for the last parts to print, I’m trying to configure my Ramps 1.4, and test my steppers.

I have downloaded MPCNC813_GLCD for 5/16 lead screw, as that’s what I am using for now, and I am using Arduino IDE 1.6.11 to load it to my Mega. I have the Reprap Discount Smart Controller LCD

I did go through the configuration.h and un-comment my display and comment out the full graphics one. Mega 2560 is selected and baud rate on the comm port and IDE set to 115200.


I have 2 megas available, but only one Ramps boards. I have not gotten either Mega board/Ramps to boot and show anything but all squares on the display.

I am confirming each of the above as I write this, and I did find I forgot to comment out the full graphics display in configuration.h. So I reloaded the Mega and Wam! I get MPCNC ready.!

Now to power off, connect a stepper and try to get Repetier Host to move X, Y, and Z. Do I need the resistor on T) to do this? As I am a certified (or is itCertifiable?) senior citizen, I beg forgiveness for my screw up, and ask if there is anything else I need to do, other than maybe write a simple gcode as a test?


As I only had one stepper fixed up with Dupont connector, I had to connect the stepper, connect the usb and power, connect Repetier, test axis, power off, disconnect, change axis, wash and repeat 3 times. But, guess what? It all worked, with the exception of one dead or miss-adjusted stepper driver! WooHoo! one step closer. So Chuffed! as my English in-laws would say!

I’m glad I took the time to write this all out and verify my steps. Thanks for listening(reading).


Nice work.

Now that I know my Ramps board is working, I want to get a SD card for it. none I have will fit the Ramps. anyone got a link to buy one or at least the proper name for it. Google, so far, does not reveal all to me.

For the LCD? You want a SD card, the smaller the better if you can find a 2Gig buy that.

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There must be more to the designation for the SD card. The one on the Reprap Discount Smart Controller. The A8 came with an SD card but it is half the size of the slot on the display. My digital camera has an SD card in it but it won’t fit in the display slot either, the key on the card is different.

Is the difference Micro SD on the A8 and SD on the display? I seem to be loosing my Google foo, even searching by the Ramps and display proper names doesn’t find me a SD card that looks like it will fit.


The lcd I sell takes a standard SD card or a MicroSD with an SD adapter. A 2 gig or under SD works best, noticeably better.

I’m not really sure what you are asking. Older cameras took CF cards.

The SD card does go in upside down I do believe. Face the back of the card towards you while inserting. Possibly that simple? Fingers crossed.


Something like these.

The physical sizes of SD cards I’ve seen have been SD, MiniSD (not really used anymore), and MicroSD. You want a SD. There are other memory cards, like CF or memory stick, but anything SD should fit. Even micro or mini SD cards come with adaptors that fit, so if your a8 takes a microSD, you might want to buy one of those, and use the adaptor so you can use them on either.