Troubleshooting time (unfortunately)

Okay, I plugged it in. I don’t have a switch installed so it’s “on” as soon as the plug goes into the wall. I’ve got lights on the power supply and the light on the board is on but no screen display (LCD). I’ve double checked the orientation of the plugs to the LCD and they seem to match the photo online in left/right/top/bottom/stripe orientation. No fans (likely don’t run until a print is running I assume). All three fuses good.

Where should I start?

Make sure exp1 goes to (sc1 or p1 board dependent) and two to two. From there it is 50 50. If you get nothing, turn them around on one side. No combination can kill the LCD so try both.

Neither on either but something caught my eye here. Gimme a sec.

Ok. No dice. I thought the power to the bottom input was disconnected. It was just not fully seated but was connected.

Busy little mess of wiring so it’s hard to get pics but let’s try.

[attachment file=73453]
[attachment file=73454]
[attachment file=73455]

The actual LCD plugs on the ribbon cable, not the power.

Oh I know. But it caught my eye.

I could try the LCD from the MPCNC if you think that’s safe? I’d hate to blow two if I’ve blown this one.

I think it is pretty safe to swap lcds in either direction to either machine. Mine have been super reliable for a while now so I am interested to see what is going on.

New LCD (the one from the MP3DP) worked on the MPCNC.

Old LCD from MPCNC does not work on the MO3DP.

Update. Reset plugs on board. Automagically fixed (so excited to use that word in context on here! Hahaha)

Now to play a bit (knock on wood)…then photos to post!

A lot of computer stuff is automagic. I’ve been supporting them in one way or another for the past 30 years and I still get surprised(confused/pissed off) by them on a weekly basis!