Trying out “indexing”

While my background and experience is in a lot off seemingly different areas both of my degrees are in printmaking. In printmaking we call this “registration” but apparently you all call this “indexing”?

I needed to cut both the back and front and have them match in the middle. I was mildly successful with my first attempt but as you can see in the photographs I was a bit off. I suspected it would be off when I flipped the body blank and it was difficult getting the body to lie on all 4 dowels.

I believe I may have changed the zero position slightly when I squared the gantry with hard stops on the rails. Hopefully my memory of the time line is correct. Otherwise I am not sure what the problem could be. Although it is very humid here in northern New York and that might cause my spoilboard to move a bit.

Overall I count it as a success. And now I am off to cut a matching neck!



For something like that you’d have the machine drill holes top and bottom centerline of the board. Then when you flip it, you can use a couple dowels to align the board.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the error was introduced by trying to use the hard stops. I had issues using them my first couple times. I found out I need to energize the steppers (M17) while holding the gantry against the hard stops for best results.

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