Trying to due initial setup, Repitier connects but wont due anything

I have 12volts into board and across the fuse. I bought the kit from Ryan with both series and endstop wiring. I am just wired in series to check functionality and Repitier wont move any motor. It says no start signal - forced start. Then when I try to move says communication timeout - reset send buffer block.

Check Printer Settings menu, Connection tab, Baud Rate field. Mine is 250000, but I’m using a RAMPS setup, not the RAMBO from Ryan.

I tried several different baud rates already all said no start signal - forced start

Ok it appears my power and status LED’s are not on but there a blinking LED of the end of the usb plug in flashing and it is labeled ( R ).

Do you have the 12V on? Rambo needs 12V and USB to talk to the computer

12v is on and verified with VOA, I have 12volts in and thru the main 15A fuse

Connecting to the right com port?

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to be honest I am not sure. sorry guys this is my first time

If its com 1 its connecting to it’s not it but just try connecting to the other listed ports or disconnect the Rambo a see what disappears and that’s the one

good call,disconnected and com 10 disappeared and I was on the correct com port.

Mac or PC?

PC, windows 10

Did you install arduino ide and it’s drivers?

Yes, I have read every stitch of the how to’s a couple times before I started.

Just trying to be thorough.

Can you post a picture of your board wired up, plugged in, and ready to go.

I had a wiring error initially, that kept me from working.

Yes I will try to get pictures and upload them I am not at the machine today but I can try tonight. Wife is out of town so I need to watch my daughter. I will upload as soon as I can.

here is the board. If I bumped the reset button when plugging in usb to board would it act like this. Thinking I may have reset firmware?

I have it functioning from the LCD screen now but repitier isnt controling it.

If that is plugged in and powered up you probably killed a fuse, The two little tiny silver and khaki guys need to get pulled out and checked, or your power supply is not working (if you are using the adapter this could be the issue, cut it off).