Trying to find an AMB spindle in Canada. FME 800

Hello, I currently trying to source parts for my MPCNC, I’ve got pretty much everything else I need for it figured out I’m just stuck looking for a spindle. The spindle I want is the AMB FME 800 spindle , non chineseium quality product with the features I need, however I can’t find one in canada. I was hoping someone might be able to point me towards a place that might have one in stock along with a set of different sized collets.

I was originally drawn towards the import 800W spindles with VFD but after too many lack luster reviews and sketchy at best assembly and components I don’t want to risk the money and wait time to get one and end up with a 500$ paper weight. I had a look at the dewalt 660 router and with no speed control and no easy option for different collet sizes it does not seem to be a good fit for what I want to do. Thanks for any help.


I can’t seem to find it anywhere domestically, the company (Kress?) doesn’t seem to have dedicated distributors. You may have to order from Europe.

I wouldn’t buy a cheapo VFD if you go that route even if it’s ULd or CSAd, most of the cheap ones are built by just a couple manufacturers under OEM, even though they are probably safe there is definitely quality issues with them.

I often work with VFDs built by Unitronics, but have only used them for water pumps. But buying a VFD separately will require provisioning, as the spindle/VFD kits probably ship presetup for the motor.

Yeah, I’ve looked around and there a few places that will ship to canada it’s just kinda pricey with the exchange rate.

That’s why I don’t want to go the way of a VFD driven spindle, we use them at work but I’m going to bet that the 5ish horse spindle and VFD are worth almost 10K$ and I would only be disappointed with a cheap one.

Yeah, I don’t know how much spindles cost but a good 5HP VFD should be $1000 or less.

I think a 5hp spindle would be mighty overkill for an MPCNC! But there are inexpensive brand-name VFDs available. I use the Teco-Westinghouse L510 series frequently for low horsepower fans. I like them because they can do up to 1hp 3-phase output with only 115V 1-phase input (they can go up to 3hp with 230V 1-phase input), up to 599Hz (although I’ve never tried them over 60Hz). And they’re cheap; I think the biggest one is about $350 Canadian.

You would just need to find a 3-phase 230V spindle.

They’re a fancy pneumatic tool changer, might not be 10K$ but they’re silly expensive.

Yeah, I’m just looking for a quality option so I’m not fighting with a spindle as a variable when I’m trying to tune for aluminium cutting. Thanks, I’ll look into that. What are you using for a spindle?

I just have a Bosch router; I can’t justify 5x (or more) the cost for a proper spindle yet! I just wanted to put in my 2 cents on inexpensive VFDs I’ve worked with. I’m not 100% sure if it’s applicable to a spindle (do they need more than 600Hz??)

Tool changer? Shut up and take my money!

Is there a 1/8 collet holder for your bosch or is there only 1/4"?

Yes and no. It only comes with a 1/4", but I picked up an OEM quality 1/8" from

It was a few extra bucks, but more reliable than getting a cheap reducer. I got it over the DeWalt because at the time, it was a good bit cheaper than the 611, which also needs a 1/8" collet purchase I believe.

Elairecorp makes good stuff. That’s where I got my collet adapters.