Trying to make first cuts.

So we got everything moved out to the garage to make some first cuts. Plugged everything back in and now are unable to manually jog the machine to its full extents. It will jog by 200 in x or y in repetier and then go no more.

On a side note, when we tried running a new program created in fusion 360 the gantry moved at a crawling pace despite all settings we could find being ok.

We do have endstops connected.

Any ideas?

Disconnected all end stops. Now when we send an M119 Goode command it returns that all the endstops are triggered, and we can still only move 200 in any direction.

Do you have a display connected to the ramps? Can you move it differently from there? I always had problems with repetier because has it’s own settings for printer size / shape and they seem to conflict with what you have set in configuration.h

I do not have a display, but getting one ordered asap.

We were messing around with the Marlin file, trying to get it to work with a Macbook before finally taking the windows PC out to garage. Going to compare the Marlin settings listed on this site to the ones in the file today to make sure everything is the same.

We are able to get it moving more if we change the steps in Repetier to something like 200.

That last post seems a little backwards, you changed steps in repetier and tried to get marlin working with a mac?

In the marlin firmware, If you aren’t using mine, there are a ton of settings that could be getting you. Invert the endstop logic, max axis length are the first two to look at. You can also predefine a work area in repetier, 200 is default I believe.

I think what happened is that we were trying to set the baud rate to work with the Mac and used a Marlin version I had laying around on my desktop. I can’t remember where it came from. (sloppy, I know) Had other things going on as well that were distracting.

From here we’re going to make sure Marlin is all setup correctly before anything else.

We defined a large work area in Repetier and it had no effect on the ability to move more than 200 in any direction.