Tube advise for sweden


I`m about to start my first build. Metal conduit is very hard to get in Sweden (only plastic) so very expensive. I can get stainless at about 72usd for 2900mm excl transport. It seems 22 or 28 mm are the standard dimensions. Anyone have any suggestions?



Hi Magnus,

Check this out -

I’ve got a working MPCNC here in Stockholm- I used these and they seem perfect. They come in various lengths and can be found at several stores in Sweden.

Here’s a photo where it’s temporarily mounted for testing.

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Digging the green!

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Is it 25mm outer?

I also live in Sweden and printing parts right now. Seems very hard to get a Dewalt DW660 in Sweden, probably have to buy it from the States. What router did you get?

Dan Caldwell- Nice, Do you find them stiff enough?



I believe they are fine. Thickness is about 0.049" (1.24mm), which from reading the “parts” section tells me they are right on. The chrome finish is a bonus - the bearings roll quite smoothly. Since I haven’t done more than plotting, I can’t definitively say anything about how stiff they are for milling or anything else beyond that.

Yes, measuring with a caliper they are between 24.8 and 25mm - so not perfect, but close enough for this IMO.

You can find the Makita RT0700 series in the EU if you don’t mind spending over 2000 SEK. Bauhaus carries it in Sweden, for example. Personally I bought a Katsu from Ebay. If you search “Katsu Trimmer” on ebay - you’ll get a ton of hits - but AFAICT it’s just one seller / supplier -, so maybe it makes more sense to buy direct from them - I don’t really know. Anyway, about the router - I’ve read good things about it on various forums, including this one. You can purchase spare parts for it, (which is often a problem when buying non-name brand stuff.) It’s totally compatible with the Makita RT070xxx routers and it’s very cheap! Negatives: I read that Aimtools doesn’t have very good support - and the machine only comes with 6, 8, and 10mm collets. That last one is a big deal. Even if the router is cheap (roughly 500 SEK) - you probably will want to go smaller than 6mm. I haven’t received it yet, but I purchased one of these in 1/8" - Additionally you can buy an ER11 chuck with a selection of collets for very cheap which will allow you to use virtually any size bit, metric or imperial. There is a thread here about that, which requires chopping the ER11 chuck and inserting it into the 8mm collet that comes with the router - so you add a bit of length to the router, but gain the flexibility of the ER11 system. - good luck.

Here’s the thread about adding an ER11 to a Makita, which will obviously also work for any router with an 8mm collet. -

I forgot to mention - be sure to order the Katsu with the EU plug if you order one, model #101750 -

I’ve tried several times to mention that you will want model #101750 with the EU plug if you buy a Katsu - I suspect the link I’ve been trying to add is causing problems - anyway that should be the correct model number for the EU plug version.

I don’t think theres a Katsu Router with anything other than the UK-plug. If you’re building something like a MPCNC, you should be able to cut the plug and solder what you need in your country. That’s what I did.

Oh and for the 1.3mm thickness questions of your tubes, see

But that’s what I was saying: there absolutely is a version with an EU plug. It’s not a big deal to swap, but why go through the hassle when you can simply buy the correct one? Photo of mine attached.