Tube Specifiction

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OK tube specifics. I am looking at getting 25.4mm satin ground tube. The logic being that it would be slightly grippier on the bearings than shiny polished so would rotate and not slide. Yes / No

Is there a recommendation on the specification of tube type eg welded.






Nope most any tubing works as long as you meet the minimum wall thickness. As for bearings, slide or roll either way works, but you will find sliding is not really an option under these high point loads.

I have highly polished Stainless Steel tubes and even perfectly clean, my bearing roll and don’t slide at all.

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“…any tube will do” do we need to strive for a smooth outer wall?

I wouldn’t use old rusty conduit, but “rough” is usually what we call the galvanizing coating on the conduit. If you can run your hand down it and it doesn’t abrade a layer of skin off, it’s probably okay to use. :lol:

So you said you have “highly polished Stainless Steel tubes” did you buy your material polished or did you do it yourself? I was considering polishing the stainless tubes to increase how smooth it was for more accurate performance but not sure if the process of polishing would negatively impact the overall dimensions of the material.