Tubes (last thread deleted?)

Hi guys,

i had a thread in this subforum asking for Tubes in Germany.
Ryan suggested, that the 25,00mm tubes could work.

My last answer was like : i found some reasonable priced 25,4mm tubes, but they are 1,25mm thick …ryan wrote, that he recommends 1,64 mm thick tubes would you try the 25,4 tubes with less thickness or go for the 25mm tubes with more thickness?

somehow my thread got deleted (or missing) ?
(if i violated anything, please let me know)

Had to roll the server back a few hours sorry, I screwed up trying to fix the picture upload error.

You should have my reply in your email. Use the correct outer diameter, it is more important than the thickness.


Thank you :slight_smile:

As IT guy i know what you´re talking about :smiley:

Fix Problem - After Fix - New Problem…

Heh, that’s my all day every day…


Hi all guys, happy to hear that! I’m waiting the bundle, but I’m worried about I can’t find the right thickness in Italy, I find a 25.4mm 1.5mm wall from UK, I go for this, I can not wait to start :smiley:

Sorry for my english

i got the 1,25 mm tubes now!
Looking forward seeing how it turns out!