Tune Menu

I have used the Tune Menu on LCD display for a few years now on my 3D printer to dial up the feedrates on the fly. Has been really useful and thought it would be a great way of tuning the Lowrider in action especially given the uncertainties presented RE rigidity, stepper torque, chip load etc etc.

Thanks to some of the fantastic advice on this forum and V1PI image I have become hooked to Octoprint for convenience and the slick workflow between CAD - Estlcam - Marlin . One downside seems to be that the Tune Menu is not available while printing via serial com (Octoprint, CNCJS etc) but it is when printing from an SD Card.

Has anybody else encountered this?

Would be a great way to tune things on the fly even if only during the early days when users are getting to know the machine. It is easier than scripting loads of paths in ESTLCAM to do some test cuts…

Assuming you can send manual g-code commands while the CNC is cutting using your sender of choice, you can send an M220 to scale the feedrate. This is cumbersome, but some senders have custom buttons that you could attach common scaling values to.

I think the “feed rate modifier” in “control” does that. Not a dial, but that should do the same thing. YSK, it will have to finish what is in the queue before using the new speed. If you have long, straight moves, that could be several seconds.

Thanks guys, I think M220 Should do the job nicely! :slight_smile:

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