Twitter Accounts for LowRiderCNC and MPCNC?

I know V1Engineering has a twitter presence, but what do people think about an account for both machines dedicated just to Re-Tweeting and X-posting people’s projects?

It would require someone to do a little periodic searching of youtube/twitter/facebook/google/etc. for content, but it would be a really nice resource for people who want to see a semi-curated stream of recent builds and projects.

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Can you just search Hashtags? #MPCNC …I guess we need a good one for the lowrider though #LRCNC, #V1CNC?

I would agree with @vicious1. Otherwise, he’ll get sucked into the social media black hole of anthropomorphized product Twitter feeds, and he’ll either be spending all his time trying to come up with witty things for his machines to tweet, or have to hire a social media/communications director to do it (I’m sure Sean Spicer can’t last too much longer on DWTS)…

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Question of what Hashtag(s) to use is still up in the air. #MPCNC is short, sweet, and to the point, but #LRCNC, #LR2CNC, #MPLRCNC, #MPLR2CNC, #LRMPCNC, etc. don’t quite have the same ring.

#LowRiderCNC, #LowRider2CNC seem better options because they are rather unambiguous. Since there may be a LowRider3 at some point probably better to leave off the 2?


Looks like #LowRiderCNC is being used more, but #LRcnc is not really being used for anything else and so much easier!

Putting a 2 in it will feel silly when you make the next version.

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