Two issues while running Mach3 on a TB6560 board

Hi all.

I should probably post this to Mach3 support forum, but I’ll post it also here, in case somebody uses it or knows what is the reason for the described problems.

I’m attempting to build a MPCNC machine, which I want to control using Mach3. Mach3 controlls a 3-axis T6560 board, which has the DIP switches configured as
follows: 25% for the current setting, 25% for decay mode, and 1/2 microstep setting. I installed it and only configured the pins, ports and the Estop switch.

After testing the motors using the jog control (everything moves correctly), I wanted to perform a pen plot, like suggested on this page:
I followed the tutorial and created my own .tap file and also tried using the one (.gcode), which is provided on the linked page. The result can be seen in the attached picture.

There are two problems:

  • the machine does not start to draw the model, but instead draws an oblique line (there are multiple ones on the picture, which belong to different attemps), which is probably
    the line from the origin point to the starting point of the drawing. I have to stop the machine, otherwise it bumps to the rails. If I go to MDI screen and enter the
    code G21 (milimeter mode), the model is drawn successfully.
  • even if I enter the mentioned code, the model is larger than it should be (15 cm). On the attached picture, the diameter of the larger crown is 45cm, the other one is somewhat smaller.

Here are both files, which I used to print the crown:

Hope someone can help me with these two issues. I’m really excited about using the machine.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day.


I don’t know enough about it but try some basic tests like, moving your axis 100mm manually and see it it actually moves 100mm.

If you are using my gcode it is in mm/m.