Two Robots

My daughter (7) made a robot out of cardboard and asked me whether we could make one on the CNC. I told her to draw some plans and explained to her how to “unfold” 3D objects using a six-sided die.

She came up with these plans, which we then put into AutoCAD (her drawing the squares (took ages…), me doing the rest):

We then cut the robot. She did the sanding etc. by herself.

She did the screws, I did the gluing. The mouth is 3D-printed. May I present: Robbi Roboter.

Her sister wanted one as well, so I scaled it to 60%. Now we have a robot family. :slight_smile:


Impressive dad moves! That looks like a lot of fun.


Okay, you win! That is the best project I have ever seen around here. You just taught them the entire process of idea to actual thing. Man, I am smiling ear to ear with this one!!! You deserve a trophy.


That is awesome!!!


Thanks, that means a lot coming from you who has seen everything. :slight_smile:

Most excellent work (on the robots, as well)!

Am I the only one who suddenly had a FGTH moment when confronted with the post title? Am I finally going 'round the bend?

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I immediately thought of this after typing the title: "Love, Death & Robots" Three Robots (TV Episode 2019) - IMDb (really great to use in Philosophy class when talking about what a human is :D).