Two Things

First post and I’d have to begin by saying I love the design. I am assembling the MPCNC now from the kit bought here and had one observation and one issue. I wanted to get feedback from the great community here.
Fist, after building the rollers and conduit I noticed a pronounce roll or twist in one as it moved across the length of the conduit. I included pictures. It was worse and I further loosed all the roller bolts and re-torqued with lighter pressure and it improved. Hand pressure will keep it straight; is this an issue or common?
Second and more significant issue is interference with a bolt head and a bearing. Bolt head is on one X-Y assembly with the bearing on the other X-Y assembly near the Tension B bolt. I backed off any tension the the Tension B bolt but no luck. I am planning on disassembly and grinding off a bit of the bolt head but wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything fundamentally wrong.

Don’t worry about the twist, as you noticed little to no pressure is best. If your prints are snug there is no reason to add pressure with the bolt.

That bolt head is super close, Looking at mine yours seem a little closer for some reason. But angle the head so it doesn;t touch and you should be fine.