tying to better understand auto square

so after a bit of a hiatus, I am back getting my MPCNC back up and running. This time I plan to implement autosquare because it sounds awesome.


There is one part that I want to confirm: after I square the machine, its locked in place. So if I want to position my machine in a specific part of the piece, then I will have to manually control it right?

No, you have to use work offsets, or just do not home the machine in the Gcode.

The whole point is the machine needs to know exactly where it is relative to 0,0. So all offsets are done in CAM usually by just moving the origin in CAD.

is the autosquare done during homing? I really don’t care if the machine knows where it is because then I have to tell it exactly where my piece is and that seems more cumbersome.

Yes, it individually homes each stepper, then pairs them back up while they are locked in place.


Exactly why most people should not use autosquaring, and why it is not my “standard” kit. It is only for people that need increased accuracy and repeatability. It’s a waste of time for most, even more so for a sign or carving. I only need it on cutting my MP3DP frames when I really want to make sure they are as perpendicular as I can possibly make them.

Gotcha, yea I will probably leave it off. Manually squaring the machine is a little cumbersome but as you mentioned, I think that dual end stops will just move that workload to something different.

I use auto square and then manually jog the tool to where I want the origin to be on the work piece. Once there I set XY to 0,0 (G92 X0 Y0)

This is what I plan to do for most jobs once I get my endstops mounted.

what is the process to manually set the x/y? my machine is down until some new parts some so I do not have the ability to play around with it ATM.

When I look on firmware, I only see one ramps dual endstop firmware and it lists t8. I currently have the threaded rod on my Z. I do actually happen to have an extra threaded rod and nut around but I had not planned to modify the MPCNC Z yet.


should I just modify the steps in the firmware for the threaded rod or is there an alternative firmware? or should I just not be so lazy and install the threaded rod lol?

Changing the steps is by far the easiest.