Ug. 20%

Well, I was a dork. At the end of an 8 hour print, I realized I had infill set to 20%. Are any of these usable or do I need to scrap them all and lose a night’s printing?

Nut Trap
Pineapple coupler

Spacer, nut trap and coupler are probably alright. The top pieces really don’t hold any weight, so they might be alright as well. Not sure how the torque of the belts will affect them though. I’d run with it and see what happens. Beef up your load bearing parts though, 20% really is too light. What kind of plastic are you using?

Oh, that’s good to hear. The top corners look pretty simple to swap after the fact if the thing starts racking.

I’m using PLA. Everything else has been printed at 60% so far.