Ugh. Did I fry my board?

I think I screwed up.
I bought the SKR bundle from Ryan.
I had bent the pins, installed the drivers, connected the lcd and wired everything up when I got the board in January. I threw some steppers on there and ran the test crown and they all turned. (I think, I’ll get back to that.)

Fast forward to today, parts have been printed, modified and installed, a way to big router has been persuaded to fit, belts have been installed and a rails made.

After connecting all the steppers to the SKR, I nervously turned on the power, and it mostly worked !
The x and y axis moved in the required direction but the z axis didn’t.
I powered down connected the z axis to the y axis, powered up and it went up and down as it should.
I powered down, swapped the z driver with an unused one, powered up and started to smell hot electronics.

I immediately powered down and realised that I had installed the z axis driver the wrong way. :nauseated_face:
So, now the touchscreen reports no printer attached, and Marlin mode just shows a screen saying Marlin mode.
Did I fry the board ?



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I don’t know enough to answer specifically, but wanted to reply just to say I feel your pain, and it doesn’t sound good.


You still might be able to use E1 as a Z replacement :

I missed the lcd screen part, i have no idea on it sorry


Keep us updated if you find out anything new.

Interesting. Sorry to hear this.

Let’s try re-flashing it first since it is so easy. Here are the steps, and the files.

If that works you will see a small green led blink really fast for a second or two. After that we can work on driver port swapping.

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Ok. Reflashing didn’t work. No green LEDs. Screen was unplugged. Filename didn’t change.


Oh bummer. I don’t know of any other way to try and salvage it, I have not had one go bad to have to dig into it yet.

You should be able to get away with just an skr pro and one driver replacement. Amazon?

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Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face: