Uh oh, I'm going to need more precision...

So this guy designed and built his own smart watch, but he used a 3D printer to print the case halves in wood filament. My thought is it’d be a lot cooler to just mill it out of a nice block of wood. Anyone feel like taking up a challenge?

Wow…I had deemed wood filament to be just kitsch but that looks amazing!

However I agree…that needs to be machined out of real wood. I’m game (and I have LOTS of different specimens of wood in the shop thanks to a buddy who had eagle eyes when it came to spotting exotic pallets coming into his work from all over the world).

Surely the MPCNC is precise enough, no? I’d love to relive my childhood and make this:

[attachment file=99095]

Just looked at the STL files. It’s a flip job for sure and I think you’d have to tackle the watch strap pin holes the old fashioned way but I’ll try it for shits and giggles. (Surely there’s a more contemporary term for that?)

Now you’ve got me wondering if others have made STL files for Apple Watches. Off to Thingiverse…