UK Lowrider2

Greetings from the UK.

I am starting to print the parts for the Lowrider2 so thought I best start a thread for it. I am going to be sourcing all the parts myself more to spread the costs than anything. The XZ Main part below is a fantastic piece of design and one of my favorite pieces I’ve printed.

One quick question was the 60mm skate wheels, these seem a little tricky to find in the UK but various other sizes are available, 64-72mm being the most popular. Will a 64mm wheel cause any issues, from a quick glance at the designs it just looks like it will raise the Z by 2mm?

Thanks, Simon

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Unfortunately, there’s a couple items in every vicious1-Machine that are superhard to get, if you’re not from the US and A.

I’m not done with my own build yet, but the only (!) wheels I found to be somewhat suitable for the LowRider are these (didn’t even find ANY on aliexpress):

Paid about 20$ for 4 pieces.

As I said, not done with my build yet so not sure if they really work. Also see

Yup, look for hockey wheels. They are not the most common but they should be out there.

Managed to find some nice red bearings for the build, mocked up here. I dont want to make a new post for every part on the forum as thats going to get a bit boring but if you are interested I will put them on my Instagram and keep forum posts to more completed built parts.

And so it begins!

Making up some paper templates to cut the wooden parts after converting the DXF files for printing.

Are there any issues with cutting the 611 plate at 1/2" the same as the Y plates? Also, would there be any issues in cutting all 3 plates in 18mm material? Just that I have a sheet of 18mm MDF handy already.

You will just lose some default thickness, no big deal and you can easily change it later.

Bit of a problem, possibly…

I’ve prnted all the parts now, got all the nuts & bolts and a 25mm tube and started cutting the wooden parts. I test fitted the X roller assemblies on the bar and they are a really nice fit with no play.

However the same cannot be said for the YZ roller assemblies or Z roller assemblies. My plan was to fit the conduit through the rollers before bolting down the plastic parts to the Y plate to make sure everything was in line. There seems to be a lot of play in the rollers, so much that I went back to double check I had the 25mm files and not the 25.4mm ones.

The bearings on either side of the assm’s were bolted up properly but the middle bearings are still loose on their bolts, I havent fitted the nuts yet and tightened them down. Will tightening the middle bearing bolts kind of squeeze in the outer bearings in a bit clamping them onto the conduit better? do I have a problem or are they supposed to have a little more play?

The bearings don’t look big enough. What’s the outer diameter?

They are normal 608 skate bearings, I can double check the diameter when I get home but I’m pretty sure they are the correct ones.

If the bearings were too small then suggesting they need to be bigger would mean my X roller assemblies wouldnt fit on the conduit because at the moment they fit perfectly.

Oh, I see, you don’t have the bolts in place in that picture.

So i’ve been a bit quiet, collecting up hardware etc. I now have the plywood parts cut and looking at stepper motors. Any comments on using the steppers with the lead screw built in? or is it better to keep the screw as separate parts?

I think having a coupler is more safe. Judging by all the stretched and bent couplers I have seen on a lowrider, it is probably best to have a line of safety and forgiveness of the coupler.

Hey up Simon,

I’ve been looking around for parts for myself, how’s about some 64mm light up Pink wheels…LOL

Would be fun to see if the LowRider can go fast enough to illuminate the LED’s. At 12GBP for 4 it’s a steal.

My Ender 3 arrived today but my wife is holding it back for my Christmas present…Can’t wait…

So I’ve been somewhat distracted for a few months and not progressed on the Lowrider at all, until now.

I have finally decided on a table top size and design. The final top will be 3’ x 5’, thats taking a standard 2’ x 4’ and adding 6" all the way around.

2’ x 4’ is a fairly standard off the shelf size for sheet material in the UK so I should be able to grab full sheets of various materials and slide them onto the machine for cutting without any issues. Offset bracing for ease of construction.

[attachment file=“95317”]
[attachment file=“95320”]

Well it’s been a while since I posted on here! Last night I tried my first ‘cut’ without a router.

Plenty of pics on Instagram

Almost ran over your laptop.


Looks good, time to get it dirty!

Haha yes, I hadn’t even thought about the laptop, complete flute it didn’t hit it.

I did run a quick pen test on it yesterday


X axis limit switch mount