Undersized feet and z axis motor mount

I have printing all my parts for a 1" tubing and all of the parts with roller bearings fit fine. The feet and z axis clamps are undersized and seem to fit 3/4 conduit. I am using the files from the 1" stl on Thingiverse. Any thoughts ?

The foot clamps should be a tight fit, to get mine to fit, i put a flat head screwdriver in the splice and that opened it enough to get the tubing to fit.

I’d highly suggest printing one of the corner assembly parts(Top_CornerJ2 for example) and see how well it fits in there.

*Are you using stainless steel 1" tubing, or are you using 1" conduit? conduit is 1.163" outer diameter and can’t be used for this.
all 1" parts should have a ‘J’ visible on the part

similar thread: https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/inner-diameter-of-printed-parts/

Thank you for the response and the link. I am going to use 1" id Dom tubing. I will try to flex them open a little more.


OD not ID