Universal G-code Sender jog controller and play button is greyed out

Hi, I’m absolute new on CNC, just try to bring my first MPCNC to life. I’m a mac user, seems it makes it a bit more difficult.
I have an Arduino (UNO R3 MEGA328P ATMEGA16U2) and a UNO CNC Shield V3 with DRV8825 drivers.
I uploaded GRBL to Arduino and installed Universal G-code Sender to my macbook.

When I push connect button at UGS, stepper do a short knock sound, and controller window changes from connecting to idle.
When I use the setup wizard > 3. Motor Wiring I am able to step by clicking on the XYZ ± letter!?
But jog controller and play button (project loaded) is greyed out!?

Any suggestions what I did wrong?
When you reply, please keep in mind I am an absolute beginner.

UGS has always confused me… I feel like I repeat myself too often- but I’d recommend cncjs, has mac support.

Thank you, I will give it a try!

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I believe the default for grbl firmware is to be locked until the machine has been homed, or manually unlocked. I think the keystroke to home was control-H (working from memory from a long time ago). This will release the lock, there’s another keystroke to unlock without homing, think it might be Control-X (but that might also be Reset).

Most of the homing behavior is managed through the $2x parameters - see https://github.com/gnea/grbl/blob/master/doc/markdown/settings.md for details.

I’ve had a better overall experience with cncjs as well, but on Linux rather than MacOS.

The greyed out jog controller was very simple to fix: I had to set a hook at settings for joystick!
Now I’m able to move all axis.
Next step is wiring!