Unwanted Scaling?

I did a sketch in Fusion 360 as I want to cut a circle of 193.5 mm diameter and converted/saved it as a .dxf and loaded it into Estlcam where it showed a diameter of 19.35mm. I scaled it 1000% and it appears correct but:

Is this normal?

.dxf files are unit-less, so having to fix the scaling when bringing them in to a program is normal. Some programs allow you to set the units when importing the file. It is a bit strange that Estlcam brought it in smaller as if it expected the units to be .1mm. Usually it is mm one place and cm another. Or cm one place and inch in another.


Thanks for that! I wasn’t aware. Still seems a bit odd to me as when I clicked the box to resize the .dxf it showed 19.35mm so the digits were correct although size was off by a factor of 10.

I see this a lot in other places fusion seems to think in CM not MM

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Yet the drawing was dimensioned in mm as I drew it. :crazy_face:

Thankfully, I just cut the piece and it’s exactly what I wanted and I can uncross my fingers. :grinning:

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