Update to SKR 1.4?

Gotta love the support around here, there is so much help… problem is finding it… lol
I have the SKR 1.4 with DRV8825’s. I have it all running (basically), vrefs set and steppers responding on the newest marlin but it is not a version set for the lowrider. Using VS Code, how do I take the preconfigured files here, and update them for the 1.4. I’m not to worried about searching and changing values, but how do I get the basics for the Lowrider2 into a version with the SKR 1.4 (or is it there already)??

Next question, which set of firmware would I download to use… I have the SKR 1.4 (basic) the BTT TFT24, DRV8825’s the rest is a kit from Ryan (stock lead screw). Does this equate to a Rambo branch for the purposes of the firmware? Then modify config.h for the different board and drivers, or can I merge firmware… i’m very new to the compiling world…

Gotta love it… Ordering table wood tomorrow, rods and router shortly. Yeah !..

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Are you planning on wiring the steppers in series? It might be easier to start with a configuration from the rambo.

Im thinking the dual endstops… Go big or go home…
I already have a couple customers lined up with the understanding of the beginner situation… I think the job lends itself to lots of repeatability and repetitive cuts…

You can start with the v1cnc_rambo_dual branch. Off the top of my head, you’ll need these changes:

  • change the board to skr 1.4
  • change the drivers to drv8825
  • change the steps/mm to 200,200,800 assuming you have all the jumpers for 1/32nd microstepping
  • disable dual Y axis in condiguration_adv.h
  • enable dual Z (and dual z endstop).
  • disable the “full graphics” lcd.
  • enable the tft24, which I think involves setting the serial ports correctly. I am not sure.
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OUTSTANDING. What a great start. That is basically what i was hoping, i just didn’t know what changes would be needed… But it all makes sence. That dual Y is a little confusing but its all good. I guess i would also skip that 2nd plug the off the y driver. Where do we assign the E01 as an example to the z2 stepper controll? Not sure if it is those two that match but where is that done so i can verify they match…

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OK, Well I seem to have it working… there are a few things now to figure out. The motors turn on the right directions, and are paired as expected. I am going to check now that the end stops work correctly. I don’t have them yet, can I just plug in some jumper cables and close the circuit… just to verify behavior?

I also have some config.adv.h questions about the endstop config that doesn’t really make sense. I’ll send those after I test to see if my wonderings are right or wrong…

Also, the LCD in serial mode does not work, it only works in Marlin mode, when the USB connectivity is working. Set serial mode to 0 and USB connectivity works but serial graphic mode TFT24 does not. Set serial mode to -1 and graphic mode works, but USB does not? Is there a way to get both USB and graphic serial mode to work?

So far SO COOL… lol

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Alrighty. Its alive. Everything seems to work. Thanks jeff.


Hi Scott

Just wondering what you ended up changing to get everything happening. Any chance you have the firmware available? I’m doing a very similar setup and am having some trouble.

I will do my best to put it up tonight. Hopefully it helps some folks. Even better if someone could clean it up some…

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