Updated assembly instructions?

So I’ve just started printing out the parts for the F-25mm build in PETG.

I’m having trouble locating the updated assembly instructions - the ones I can find are a mix of old parts and new parts - the rollers are a good example, they show the old mounts and the “solderless” plates.

Are there any updated instructions or am I expected to muddle my way through it as best I can?


The only one that isn’t updated is the roller assembly. I am working as fast as I can, but have not had a chance yet. Pretty much the same as before just use the plate instead of the 4 washers. If you get lost let us know and we we help you out.

All the rest have both new and old instructions.

Ah very good. If that’s the case chances are that you’ll be done before I finish printing everything.

Can’t wait to actually get cracking on this build.