Updated Corner Parts

Starting this thread to keep things a bit more organized. Moving the new updated parts out of the version 2 thread.

Corner Assembly
So This part should not be this hard to make. I have made so many versions of the corner it is embarrassing, way harder than the whole center assembly. This was updated to help make a more square machine. The old one, if flexed, could be out of square with no way to adjust it. This is a take on the totem styles out there.
Not as sexy as the last design but this thing works so well. You barely have to put any tension on the screws to completely lock the conduit in place. So before you go all gorilla on the screws please don’t. No glue needed, but it couldn’t hurt as long as you use a screw as well.


Total 92.35g PLA @ 55% infill, 3 perimeters 2 bottom 3 top
old one “corner #2” weighs in at 102g

2 of each - top 2:06
2 of each - bottom 2:35
2 of each - lock 1.28
4 of these - spacer ? :15

Each corner looks to be about 2:20 faster to print

23.5mm “C”-Files -----I will put them on thingiverse soon.

Nice!! Does the blue part in the center float? This new part will save some time and plastic over the old design.


Yup a floater.

I am printing a set now and am keeping track of print times. It looks like we will lose about 3mm in the work area over the corner block 2, bummer. But it works so much better it is worth it.

I also finally ran the new middle, seems pretty good, but we’ll get to that soon…

That looks like a nice solid design. 3mm seems like a very small price to pay for a better part.


Looks like you lose 2.5mm on the x but gain 2.5mm on the y…wash…

Seems to work great I’ll put up the stl’s in a bit.

Is there much of a weight difference?

total 92.35g 55%infill 3 perimeters 2 bottom 3 top
old one #2 weighs in at 102g

top 2:06
bottom 2:35
lock 1.28
spacer ? :15

each corner looks to be about 2:20 faster to print

ok so when can i print one er 4?

If you have a 23.5mm machine I have linked the files up above, as soon as someone confirms the part I will make the other versions and put it on thingiverse.

whats the difference between the regular file and the M files?

EDIT: nvmd they are mirrored…

The right way letters go together and the mirrored letters together. The only way I could think to keep them organized, and differentiate between sizes, different letters.

And it begins…

Sweet, can’t wait for a second opinion, thanks for being the first brave soul.

np. its a good test for my mpcnc. I like the idea of a better calibrated machine. its just filament anyway, and im keeping a large family of chinese filament makers well fed…

Nice! I can’t print that many parts at the same time with my printer.

So… im using a capacitive level sensor for a z end stop. I usually keep my nozzle a little high, because I still don’t trust the printer I built, and I usually manually bring down the nozzle right before printing. I forgot to do that part tonight, so it’s back to start. but I do have some thin examples of the fit I’m getting on my conduit.

And a couple mini millennium falcons

Looks like a nice corner, I hadn’t finished printing the cornerblock2 so I’m going to try this.

Getting there! Used up the last of my free black pla that I got at MRRF. Back to the purple pla. Going to have to make a trip to microcenter this weekend. Almost out of filament!

Do either of you two ever print in ABS (I don’t and I hate it, really)? I have 3 rolls sitting here 1 I opened last week and 2 are brand new dark blue. Yours if you want to pay for shipping?

I placed a bad order in a hurry and returning them isn’t really an option.

Let me know if you want 1 or all of em, 2 might fit in a med flat rate 3 in the large.

Gotta do something about the acceleration settings on my MPCNC. i don’t know when you started printing yours but I know damn well that when I left the house this morning I had at least 3-5 more hours to go. and that would have been the same time you posted here.