Updated Corner Parts

What u want for it. i never got around to printing with abs since my printrbot does such a good job with pla. I’d like to see how it prints.

$13.45 gets you 2 rolls I think. $18 gets all 3 if they fit in the box.

$13.45 gets you 2 rolls I think. $18 gets all 3 if they fit in the box.


The black parts took about 5 hours to print. The purple ones took 3ish. I’ve also completed the spacer parts and am printing the last parts now. If you want to see my Rostock printing…
Click on control, should get the webcam window there. Not printing with octoprint at the moment, but I leave it running for the webcam!

One day I’ll build me a delta printer…. Nice setup you got there. im sure my lengthy print could be reduced if I could print without rafts. I was only able to print 2 corners at once but they took 15 hours. but at least they’ll be complete enough to test out once I get back home

TaaDaa! Now I just have to install them. For some reason I’m having issues with overhangs. Might be printing too fast.

Parts fit really well!

But PLA is horrible…

Probably going to pick up some more petg this weekend, or tomorrow, since the job I’m doing is halfway there.

Well aside from me printing too hot, I got one decent corner printed in 19 hours. but it’s square. I pulled out 50mm from each direction and then measured between each and got no deflection whatsoever. perfect 90 on the first try. I’m gonna go back to the printrbot for the next run, which should speed up per part time and give me a better print overall. I think it might be a good idea to also reprint the spacer at 100 percent infill to reduce the chance of it getting squashed and shrinking overtime. maybe even upscale the spacer and print it in semi-flex.

Wow! Your parts printed much better than mine!

I wouldn’t go that far. I printed about 15 degrees too hot. got some oozing on layers and I had one part completely break off the platform about 4mm high upon removal. but this design is solid. your print can come out garbage and still fit decent. this is a much better fit than the old ones which were waaay too tight. making my rig print a bit to sloppy for production. I am actually looking forward to these improvements. my current rig is just ever so slightly off square (like .2mm) but it adds up over 450mm. i can see the deflection in my 40mm test cubes. even though they measure perfectly 40mm from the top down you can see that it’s not square. and even with those problems this corner block still performs its duty nicely.

If your part is splitting like that your temps might be off or a horrible roll of plastic. These new parts need way less tension on the screws than the last ones, definitely shouldn’t split.

Are you going to be including the new corner blocks in your printed parts bundle?

Not yet. One person trying them and having a part break is not a good sign to roll these out to the public.

Could be the temps. I print on the lower end of what everyone calls for pla, 200C.

Print a bridge test part it help with temps really fast. My printers all run from 185-195C for PLA

Well, screw it they work great on my printers so far, gamble and roll these out… I guess the next batches will. I have a lot of work to do before that. I have to make the 25mm version and update the assembly guide. Then start printing them, update the hardware bundles so maybe in a week or so.

Got the first 2 pieces printed. Took about 3 hours for 2 Top Corners

Looks ok to me

Why not roll out the new parts once you have everything finished. Get the new middle finalized and then add all these new parts at one time.