Updating the Firmware

I haven’t update the firmware in at least two year. I see that the change log said there was an update this August but when I go to github it says there hasn’t been an update since 8/17. Also when I look at the website path for the firmware listed on the site the path on the website reference 5/2017.


Where should I be going to get the most update version of the firm ware for the RAMPs 1.4 board?


Thanks in advance!

If you follow the github link on the firmware page, the firmware on the drop down is the most recent I have modified. As for the dates in github, not all the files get updated every time so they will all be different.


You will need arduino 1.9.

When I checked the ardiuno website the highest version of software was 1.8.7. Or do I need to use the hourly build of their software in order to load the new firmware on to the Ramps board?


Updated: I see I have to use the beta software to upload the new firmware. Do you why we need to use the beta software to upload the firmware?