Upgrade original MPCNC to Primo

Here is my upgrade to old machine that got to hot stored in green house trying to get it upgraded to make some thing for Volteer Fire dept…

RYAN you asked me not to contact you by email so here I am on forums… I went out and bought bolts becuase you said you were holding my shipment… but I will not be able to finish this build with out X & Y Idler pulleys do you sell just those. I did put super glue on the split Primo core it is only split on one side of the shell as long as the infill holds it should work. If have to I will just print a new one… I bought parts from you to expedite upgrade as I have very little time… were do we go from here…



@Ryan FYI.

It is pretty awesome to see it next to the fire dept. equipment.

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I believe I was sent the wrong size leg tops any suggestions besides just reprinting… ? I pretty much live at the fire house now days… they let me bring my toys and work and I’m always available to run fire and EMS Calls when needed can’t think of a better way to spend my retirement than helping others…

As we say cool shirts & hats sweet rides and no pay… but we all love :heart: what we do thier is no better feeling than saving a life !!!

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Lets start with the easy one. The leg locks do not look right. There is a letter embeded in them, “C” “J” “F” Which one does yours have. While we are at it check your core and core clamps.

The forums are easier for me as I can quote, link, and keep track all in one place. On top of that, we have more eyes on the problem. As you can imagine I have a large amount of emails and the forums are far easier for me to keep things straight.

To me, it makes sense if I am going to send replacement parts to ship them all together as I figured you would not be rebuilding it more than once but if you want me to ship you package I will do so.

You sent some pictures that are disturbing to me and suggest there are multiple problems. I have never needed to replace a core or core clamps but you might need both on top of perhaps leg locks.

Here is what you sent me.

As we discussed, it looks to me like the core clamps have been crushed and that overtightening them pulled the core apart. You told me you had not even put a rail in it.

Please check the inside of the core clamps and let me know what letter is inside of them as well. As a picture showing me the bearing surfaces. I believe them to be ruined as well. I will add a post and a reference picture below.

This picture looks like the bearing is missing or something is wiring as the clamp should not be able to touch like this.

The core and the truck picture that you are showing, are you certain they are cracked? That sort of layer line happens when a filament change takes place and I don’t stop in during the infill. The trucks look fine to me but the core is too dark to tell. Are you certain it is a crack and not just a filament change? I can’t imagine it breaking without a rail ever being assembled in there.

I am not trying to be a punk I am trying to be efficient and thorough. I will ship what ever need to be replaced as soon as we figure out if it is a complete fix and it will not be repeated. I only want to make one shipment. The pictures seem odd to me and like I said before this has never happened in all of my parts shipments.

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Can you post a picture like this of your core clamps please.

(In the background you can see the z clamps all have the lumps near the screw holes. I believe that to be from the heavy infill)

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Did not say truck is cracked it just looks like a small layer shift

Truly at this point looks like I am going to have to dust of my 3d printers and print leg tops anyway as thier is no way to fit 3/4 " conduit in them and tighten I will just have 1 printer print them and the other do a backup core I am hoping my old broke down 3d printer may have the correct size Idle bearing for the X & Y just got back from fire kinda wipes out but will try and look later

Looks like they are all J’s

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They should be “C”. So I will include those as well…Makes sense I had a “J” batch wrong that should have been “C”…easy fix. Stupid honest mistake on my part. Appologies.

Was not sure why you had included the picture, just offering my perspective. Is the Core cracked or just a missing outer perimeter line on part of it?

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I think you may be correct if I try and flex it by hand it seams stable but thier is a obvious open line on only one side I ended up putting a ton of super glue in it at first it just kept sucking it into the infill… but now it is sealed with glue.

And including the other pictures of trolly was a error was using my phone to upload pictues sorry…

My 3D printers are kind of buried alive since I have been running with FIRE DEPT and EMS I haven’t realy kept up with them but just dusted of 1 of them and started the 23.5 mm leg tops… I’m just under a time crunch to get some work done with my MPCNC and just frustrated

I have no issues sending you replacements. I obviously sent you the wrong leg locks and will ship you new ones I just do not want to find out I need to ship a few more boxes.

Legs locks are coming.

What about the Core.

If the line is missing for just a bit I changed filament there. I have no employees I pull those parts off the printers myself and look at them before shipping. If that core is cracked it should cross a few filament lines in a odd way. It will follow it for a bit then jump to another and follow it for a bit. It would certainly go around a corner or there would be no stress concentrations.

I am also concerned about the core clamps. Can you send a picture of the bearing stand-off faces so I can see if I need to send you new ones.

I also just realized the old belt is the wrong size to Correct ?

Skip core and legs No biggie I’m printing legs Now and and will print new core next to just keep on standby in case the other one fails… Looks like I may need 20 FT of Belt I can pay pal you the difference now or if you can send me paypal Invoice I will pay ASAP but will need upgrade kit but you can keep the 5/16 bolts if you want I just bought all of them Locally the smaller bolts are needed hard to find reasonably local their actually more expensive than the 5/16 :frowning:

Sorry somehow I missed this Post I will try and take them off and get pics for you tomorrow…
I have 24HR Duty shift coming up at Rescue may just move everything over their to work on it in between Calls Unless I can talk my Partner into hanging out at fire house with me

Dos the orientation of trollys look correct just have everything loosely put to gether now would be time to change…

P.S. is thier a form with detailed build instructions with pictured that I can look at ?

5-Core - V1 Engineering Documentation Lots of pictures here.

You can use the belt you have or I can add some 10mm belt, 20Ft is a lot though. I would guess you need about 9-12.
The bolts are kitted up already.

… No.

The Y axis looks OK, but the X axis is backwards. You want the trucks to fit within the space occupied by the core


Ok all packed up to take to Rescue so I can keep working on it in-between calls used zip stips to hold it together until I get the upgrade kit with 5mm bolts as the old ones are to short…

Will fix x axsis thier as my 24hr shift starts at 8pm

Isn’t the old belt 5mm and the upgrade kit uses 10mm belt ?

Yeah your right just measure machine 4 foot by 3 foor …not sure how much extra it takes to go into 3d printed belt tensioner just let me know how much extra I owe you for belt will PayPal you money

The 6mm belts will still work, MPCNC Primo Parts list - V1 Engineering Documentation, As stated here.

The 10 is better though.

Best not to guess please use the exact dimensions and enter them here. Calculator - V1 Engineering Documentation Round up to the nearest meter.

What about the core clamps I keep asking about. Did the bearing faces get crushed?