Upgrade woes

I upgraded my LR2 this weekend from the SKR v1.3 board to the SKR Pro 1.2 board. Used my existing TMC5160’s and Ryan’s latest dual end stop firmware. Everything moves in the correct direction, all end stops and touch plate work. Without adjusting anything in the firmware my first cut (a cribbage board) literally cut at 50% size. Don’t get me wrong it’s a cute little cribbage board. I compared my FW from the SKR 1.3 and adjusted the DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT CONFIG.H to 200,200,800,200 and in CONFIG_ADV.H set the MICROSTEPS to 32 for each motor. Now it’s cutting the correct size. However… as the job progresses Z cuts deeper and deeper. Almost 5mm difference. I’ll attach my configs maybe I borked something.

configs.zip (72.4 KB)

As a sanity check I homed Z and measured from the 611 plate to the table frame - 27mm. Raised Z 10 and remeasured - 32mm. Something is borked in my configs and I cant figure it out.

So a command of 10mm resulted in a movement of 5mm. The 4 start, 2mm pitch leadscrew should be 800 for 1/32 nd microstepping. Is it skipping steps?

Not that I can hear. I just went line by line comparing the 1.3 FW to the new FW and made a minor change and will reupload. I just renabled software endstops. I’ve got the voltage set at 900, in the old FW it was 800. Imma drop it to 800 and see what that does for me.

Ok so I adjusted the voltage down to 800 and now all movements are reduced by 50% again. Imma take a break and step away before I break something.

Make sure you look at the output of M503 instead of trusting it is using the settings from the firmware. It will prefer settings from the eeprom. M502 clears the eeprom and reads settings from the firmware.

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Jeff for the win, I think. M503:

M92 X100.00 Y100.00 Z400.00 E100.00

Let me clear that and give it another go

Cleared the eeprom rebooted for good measure and everything is fine. Thanks Jeff!