Upgrades on stiffness

I would like to share my ideas which I had after I realized some chatter in direction of the Y axis while cutting my last aluminum project.
After looking closer on the bearings and the rollers, I found out that some of the bearings where a little loose. Most of them came back in touch with the tubes by tightening the M8 bolts, but some did not…
Of course, PLA prints would have been more rigid than my prints in PETG, but I like printing the BASF Ultrafuse much more somehow :slight_smile:

So I decided to design something to thighten up the ‘arms’ of the rollers directly by a M4 bolt and to support the outer arm of the upper YZ-roller with an additional M8 bolt attachement to the Y plate.
After installation on one tube, it feels much more rigid than before! I will see what happens when I upgraded all rollers and when I mill some aluminum again…

A Picture from CAD.
Yellow parts are redesigned because I prefer to use washers between the bolts/bearings and the printed parts. Red parts are additional brackets and supports.



Nice design. Was it alot of work to achieve the correct tension?

Thank you! Setting the correct tension is pretty easy.
On rollers with one loose bearing, just thighten the M4 bolt until this bearing shows enough friction on the tube again.
You can feel that when you try to turn the bearing with two fingers :wink:

I like the concept–more predictable preload control vs the tension on the bearing bolts. Let us know if you post the files somewhere.


is it possible to get some stls on this?

Interesting…can you share, please?


I will try to finish the files asap :+1:


I managed to finish the upload to thingiverse. Hopefully it works :slight_smile:


Thanks Rich