Upgrading to new Rambo board with dual endstops

So thanks to Ryan’s extremely fast shipping Ill have a Rambo to mess with this weekend. Actually hoping to knock it out tonight. Wondering if anyone can offer some shortcuts or tips on upgrading from Ramps 4.1 to Rambo 1.4 ?

Will I need to chop off the existing connectors and use the supplied pin crimp things to make new connectors for the Rambo? Anything else to watch out for? I think this is the might be the latest Rambo board. I just bought it two days ago.

Everything should seem the same functionally, except no stupid little potentiometers!


Everything should plug right in, I don’t swap connectors.

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Will uppgrading from ramps to Rambo give you more power on the stepperdrivers, I som times see that ramps do loose steps when I run the machine little too hard. Will this be better with the Rambo ?

That is not an easy question. You should not be skipping steps, but that all comes down to your build, pulleys, steppers, drivers, gcode, material you are cutting, and what you are cutting it with.

The heat dissipation with the Ultimachine boards is amazing, so in my opinion you can get a bit more out but if you are skipping steps this is 99% not the reason.

It’s only skipping steps if I am to hard on the depth or cut, so I assume that is heat or power issue from the ramps card. When I do 2.5mm depth pr pass with a 4 mm bit it goes good, 3,5-4mm it will loose steps.

it is not slipping in the pulleys or the belts.

maybye I should upgrade my ramps to a Rambo card.


That still gives zero information as to your exact hardware. My current advice still stands.

For example. Maybe you are using the wrong type of endmill, or tiny steppers, giant pulley, insane cutting parameters. You are asking me to solve a problem that I do not know what it is, 90% of the time it is actually CAM/gcode not hardware related.

If you want to spend money, yes the rambo is much better. I have a strong feeling you do not actually need to spend money on a board you have that is working…

Sorry Ben I just realized this is in your thread.

Svein, please start anew topic and include all the info from your build as outlined in the sticky.