Use 3D printing service or buy 3D printer

I don’t have a 3d printer, and so I’m currently looking at finding somewhere local with but the cost is coming up to €400 (1KG of filament costs €25-30 here) So I’m a bit apprehensive spending almost the cost of a printer on a batch of prints…

Im based in Berlin, Germany and so ordering the printed kit from the site will end up costing a lot (plus import tax headache that I always have.

So my thoughts are maybe I should buy a 2nd hand 3D printer, print everything I need, any optional stuff I want, then when the MPCNC is built I either re-sell the printer or use it for parts…

In case you cant tell I’m trying to keep costs down :smiley:

I have a few options in front of me including a well-reviewed CTC 3d Printer. Other new options for sub €350 include Pursa i3 style machines.
Anyone have any tips? Can I rip out motors/controllers from these?

Is it worth it?

You can most likely reuse parts from a Prusa i3 based printers that have RAMPS/Mega combo(stepper motors,PSU,RAMPS/Mega and extruder) after printing your MPCNC parts

Thanks for the tip Alvin!
Ill check out some specs

Depending on what the 3d printer comes with, you might have to purchase the DRV8825 stepper drivers. These are rated for higher current. Typically those 3D printer kits come with the A4988 drivers and some have reported issues with these. Otherwise the electronics are the same.

OK, after hours upon hours of research I pulled the plug and ordered a Wanhao pirsa i3 v2.1 which should arrive soon.
It’s got good print speed, great reviews and works out of the box with minimal tinkering.
Once printing is complete I will see it on eBay or maybe list it as a printing service on 3D hubs.

Now to order the rest of the mpcnc parts :slight_smile:

not sure if that Wanhao comes with a Melzi board so you may want to order a RAMPS/Arduino Mega with DRV8825 drivers (got this kit from eBay that I used for my MP3DP build ). Also order some spare RAMPS :slight_smile: it’s good to have some spares

@Omar McAdam , from what I have heard you will like that printer very much. Seems to be a great machine.

Good choice, nothing fancy but will do a good job.


If you want to buy a 2D printer of Excellent quality. Then you must go with the Epson Printer. They have good no. of varieties at an affordable cost…