Used Ender Pro 3

I thought about doing some 3d printing, but not a lot. After looking about converting my MPCNC, which I still want to use, I decided that 2 separate machines would be better.
There are a few Ender Pro 3 locally around $150. Considering that a new one is $230 with prime, is $150 a bad deal, assuming the machine is in good working order and is already assembled?

Thoughts suggestions comments, death threats?

Just kicking the idea around


Have you considered a Mostly Printed 3D Printer? Ryan is actively working on the next iteration - check the Time For A New Printer topic.

Building you own you don’t have to worry about what the previous owner may have abused, or just not understood.

As @ttraband said, Ryan is working on the next MP3DP which I’m also holding out on so I can build. I thought about picking up another Ender myself, but I’d rather go down the DIY route.
Granted, the MP3DP will probably cost you more money than a used Ender, so if cost is a factor the used Ender would probably be a better idea.

Used 3D printers are like used cars. You’re playing the lottery with what condition its in. If you are very handy, it may be worth your time to overhaul a used one and save a little bit of cash. If you’re looking for a 3D printer that you can buy and get printing with minimal work, you may be better off buying a new Ender.

When you want a printed 3D printer but you don’t already have a printer, you do end up with a bit of a bootstrap problem. No reason you couldn’t try and find a good used one, use it to print the parts for a newer one, then transplant the motors, control board, and extruder. I don’t know the Ender machines at all, so can’t weigh in on whether the stock reusable bits are worth reusing.

The motors and controller in my current Prusa i3 clone are in their third physical machine. I had lots of trouble with bodged-together hot ends and self-printed extruders, so the last time around I sprung for an E3D Titan Aero. It was worth every penny. I’m also using a differential IR bed probe rather than the Pinda probe that’s stock on Prusas.

Enders are built with some less than amazing parts. The extruder comes to mind. After 8 months, mine cracked just enough to make a problem and resembled a partial clog somewhere.

For a small price difference (you decide what ‘small’ means), I’d just pick up the new machine because the vendor probably has support and creality has done a good job supporting the machine for me. Assembly should take less than 30 minutes, as the preassembly is very well planned. I think you just screw together 4 subassemblies or something like that.

Beyond a small price difference, the used machine might make sense, and plenty of us here have one so you’ll be able to get lots of support if you need troubleshooting (i really can’t overstate just how awesome the forum members here are…absolutely amazing crew). Use it as is, or use it to print parts for a better machine, then scavenge parts from it for a build or resell it.

I’m turning my old ender into a corexy by borrowing parts from several other machines, but mostly because people out here don’t seem to want to pay fair prices for anything.

Good luck!