Used MPCNC 2017 parts for sale


Last year my son invested some money and lots of time into building the MPCNC. He built it, tested it, and since then it’s just collecting dust.

I decided to de-construct it and find another owner who could benefit from it. Attached see the pictures before and after de-constructing. It has all the printed parts, hardware (the functional blocks remain in one piece already as you can see on the pictures), power supply, 5 x NEMA 17, cables, driver and DeWald DW660 router (brackets to mount it are already printed).

I guess you would need to additionally buy conduit and belts, according to the size of the machine you plan to build. Other than that - you get everything that is needed to finish the tool.

I am leaving in Bay Area (San Mateo County) and am open for pickup in person.

Asking price is $100 (without the router) and $120 (with router - used only a couple of times to test the CNC). You would need to cover the shipping costs (I have no idea how much this would be).



If you don’t get this sold right away, I’d love to pay for it+shipping to eastern Wyoming (82225, the exact middle of nowhere.) If that’s something you’d even consider, drop me a line at or 307-715-6120. Thanks!

Edit: I’d have PM’d you, but I couldn’t find the option.

Hi Marek.

If you haven’t sold the set yet plz take contact! ? You can reach me here if you know how to send pm, I have no clue at all…

My mail is If you also are clueless how to.





I’m just getting into cnc and if you haven’t sold everything please reach out, I’m in the Seattle area.


I just sold it yesterday.