Using a rheostat to control DeWalt 660 speed?

My Dremel was for initial practice and I’ve got to change it. The nose bearings are junk and it won’t even drill a round hole.
So I’m looking at other spindle options and the DW660 seems to fit the bill, although I can’t find any info on its bearings.
Anyway, the 660 is a 30,000 RPM spindle and I’d like to slow that down a bit. I guess some sort of PWM controller could be used, but I saw this router speed controller at Harbor Freight and was wondering if it is worth a shot. Has anyone tried it?
Would a plain old light dimmer switch work just as well? A 600W dimmer can handle 5amps at 110V. (AxV=W so 5x110=550)
Any thoughts?

either way

I was using one of these.

Pretty much the same thing you posted.

That’s pretty much the same switch I’ve had in the bottom of my tool box for years! I’m going for it!
Thanks for the input y’all.

So I made a little box for this. I printed with 3 tops/bottoms/perimeters and 10% infill. Designed using a Trimatron 110V 600W light dimmer switch I bought at either HD or Lowes. There is not much room inside for wiring, but it can be done. I just wanted it as small as possible.

A 5 amp MAX router such as the DW660 is the limit for this switch as 5A at 110v-120v is 550W-600W which is the rating for the switch. Wire it according to the instructions with the switch and you should be fine. I am not responsible for any injury to yourself or others or property resulting from using this device. Use at your own risk.

Grrr I can’t upload stl’s so the files attached here are renamed with a .jpg extension. Right click on them and “save link as” and once downloaded, rename them on your pc with a .stl extension.

Put them both in a zip file and they’ll upload.

Doh! I obviously didn’t think of that! :slight_smile: (35.5 KB)

Do you think, this will do the job for 600W spindel?

Is your spindle 220v?


Need the SuperPid to do it the right way.

With the increasingly lower costs on inverter spindles would you just be better off going that route?

Mine was $305 delivered with a set of er11 collets for 1.5kw.

Btw I found that the 800 watt vs 1.5kw is the same weight and close to the same price so if in doubt go to the bigger one.

Also the air cooled spindle is not appreciable louder than the liquid cooled although I suspect that running at lower rpm will reduce the air flow although I have not tested it yet on mine.