Using Ender 3 motherboard?


Can I use my ender 3 stock motherboard in mpcnc? Considering to upgrade my ender 3 with skr 1.3, so I have a spare creality v.1.1.3 board.

Have someone used it, and if have, how it works and how to setup it? THANKS!


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I have the same issue. Did you not get any responses?

I don’t know the details of the ender 3 motherboard, but the requirements for a CNC are a lot less in many ways. The trouble is, the creality boards don’t have the arduino bootloader flashed. So you’d have to flash that with an ISP, which you can make from another arduino, or buy pretty cheap.

After that, you can flash over USB, like a normal board. There are not any configurations premade for this board and cnc. I had a similar melzi stock board on my wanhao duplicator i3. It didn’t come with a bootloader and had a very small flash. So I would have to pick and choose which features I could fit.