Using lowrider 2 with Rambo controllet

I’m looking at using the lowrider 2 I have as a diode laser bed. Can I plug directly from lightburn and run the tool? I’d lock the z axis for now, may want to use it for auto focus later. If possible. I have the Rambo controller.

Thanks for any help or insight!!

I see no reason that you couldn’t do that, since LightBurn has the ability to output Marlin compatable Gcode, it should work perfectly well.

Using the Z axis for focus should be fine, too, though you’ll have to manually adjust that, for which I’d suggest an LCD controller.

Controlling Marlin is a different beast. I haven’t seen anyone controlling Marlin from light burn. But maybe I just missed it.

Making gcode in light burn and then running it on Marlin should be fine…

Is the Rambo a 32bit controller? I looked at their site with no help. Does not mean it wasn’t there :unamused:

No the Rambo board is a 8bit board.
I have them for both of my machines (LR and Primo)
Very happy with it.

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Controlling Marlin from LightBurn works. I run headless, so I wasn’t sure when you first posted, but I just took my laptop out to the shop and I was able to execute a laser cut and frame my work directly from within LightBurn. I have a Rambo board.

You don’t have to do anything mechanical to lock the Z stepper. You just need to engage the Z steppers, but note that LightBurn does not engage the Z stepper for you unless you are asking it to move the Z stepper for some reason. I have an MPCNC, which does not have the Z drop problem associated with many LowRiders, and I just added an M17 to my start code to make sure my Z stepper is engaged. Note you can specify that LightBurn drops the Z axis by a set amount on each laser pass. I use this for cutting plywood.

may want to use it for auto focus later

I’m not aware of any auto focus support in LightBurn, but there are a lot of corners of LightBurn I don’t know.

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