Using Marlin PP with PhotoVCarve?

I’m interested to 1) know if anyone is using Photo VCarve (Vectric) with their MPCNC. Based on some old postings from a few years ago, it appears that folks are using VCarve and Aspire, at the least, but I don’t see Photo VCarve in the archives.

The second question is, if no one admits to using it, then I’d like to get a little help with using their trial version. That version seems to function, but there does not seem to be a suitable post processor to generate the toolpaths (at least as I understand the procedure?). Marlin is not among the many options, and there is nothing that seems to explicitly generate a file with a *.gcode extension. Although, there IS a version that makes a gcode file with a *.tap extension.

Again, in our archives, a person has generated a Marlin PP for use with the Vectric products, and there are instructions to place that file in the “PPROC” folder of the Vectric product, but, at least for the trial version of PVC, that folder does not exist.

So, the question becomes with it is possible to apply the MarlinPP to a gcode file after the fact, to “fix” the gcode that is generated by Photo VCarve.

Hope that’s all clear. Since ArtCam seems to no longer be available, there do not seem to be very many options for this application.


Doesn’t the vcarve PP we have linked in the milling basics page work with it?

I don’t know. It might. Is there a way to use it after generating the toolpath/gcode from within Photo Vcarve? That is, as an independent app? Or something like that? I don’t see a way to put it inside of PVC.

Dave did you ever mess around with photo vcarve and get a working post processor? Im curious about that software.