Using MPCNC Only as a CNC machine, which controlling software is best for this?

I’ve already purchased an UNO and ramps board…so I’m pretty much limited to using that.


I’ve got 3D printers already, no need for this device to do that, only want a CNC/mill etc.

You could try Estlcam for free for a while. It manages Uno and Ramps natively and creates cnc files from stl.

I was going to suggest Mach3 or Linux CNC but neither support arduino. Grbl is good for a no frills setup and will support the Uno board as Well the Estlcam firmware mentioned in last post.That will be good enough for most any project you can think of.

If you’re interested in other features Like integrated camera support, support for mpg pendants, native 4th axis support, point cloud probing support, 3d scanning with camera, canned drill cycles for better pcb support, etc… then consider an upgrade;)

Estlcam says it’s free but will exhibit “pauses”…what does that mean exactly? Like…the software will pause the cutting?

That doesn’t sound like something I want.

When you hit the button to generate your gcode it makes you wait 20 seconds. It’s not a big deal. I think a lot of us have paid the $50 in the end because he keeps adding and updating things. He also checks in on us once and a while and really makes things easier for us.

Oh, that’s not a big deal! Thanks for the info. Probably something I’ll end up paying for anyways…I say it’s no big deal now, but I’m sure it will nag me enough to remove it. LOL

I don’t like keeping a laptop near the CNC for long periods so I never bothered with host controller software like Repetier-Host. Instead I use one of the cheap RAMPS compatible LCD controllers called the XXL LCD and just put the gcode on an SD card. The LCD display firmware was designed for 3D printing so you would be all set if you decided to add a 3D printer hot end in the future.

For tool path generation it is worth looking at Fusion 360. It is free for students and hobbyists but feature rich and has a steep learning curve.

Also, for 3d modeling and gcode, try onShape.
It’s free and great.

just noticed you said uno with ramps. need a mega with ramps, uno you can use cncshield tho