Using SD Card on the Mini Rambo

I have finally completed my MPCNC build, I ordered the board through the V1 shop and got the mini Rambo Board with the LCD screen and SD card. I have designed stuff on fusion 360 and installed the MPCNC SD Card post processor, I assumed I could just save the process to an SD card, put in the MPCNC and select the file from Print From SD option, the issue is that that the file never appears. I am a complete newbie to all this CNC stuff so I am going to assume that it is me that is doing something wrong. Just thought I would ask the experts in the forum for help. I prefer to use my MAC and it is in a completely different room to the MPCNC for obvious reasons so being able to save it to an SD card and use it from the LCD would be more than useful for me.

There are some general hints to get an SD card working:

  1. Start with a smaller SD card (less than 8GB, IIRC)
  2. Format the SD card using FAT32 formatting
  3. Put your files in a folder rather than the SD card root level.

Thanks for the reply BT, to be fair I was using one of the 32gb high capacity for my dslr camera, it was the only one I had, I shall order a smaller one and do what you have suggested. Thanks for the help.

Also make sure the files are saved as .gcode files.

The smaller SD card worked, thanks for the help