Using the MPCNC to make new parts for the lowrider

i just got my MPCNC squared up again after cracking a core bracket because of a print defect I missed.
(new brackets on the core, slightly shorter arms for extra rigidity, and re-trammed it)

first thing after the test cuts was a new 5mm Al plate for my lowrider2 (i am slowly making all the parts to do a full Al upgrade on my lowrider2. (cnc’s to make cnc’s right?)

pockets cut and holes drilled and screwed down for the cut out

all cut out

finished part, need to debur the edges cause it was done with an upcut bit, so its a very slight bur on the top.

measuring up

everything is within 0.3mm so I am happy.


o and in case anyone is wondering, this plate is the Maketa 0700 series plate, that has a duel motor mod on it
thingiverse link below


Thanks! I’ve been searching for that “thing” for a while! :smiley: Can you explain the reason for the motor mod please?

mostly because i wanted to run the X axis faster then is normally sane :slight_smile:
the second motor / driver gives me extra torque
(i am also looking at putting a pair of nema23’s on the Y axis for the same reason)

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Just curious, how do your drive the second X stepper? Do you have a six driver board like the SKR Pro or did you hook them up in series?

i have a 5 driver board, my intention is to make a breakout for it, and power the 6th driver via a patch from the power supply, and split the step / dir / enable pins for the X axis drivers
thus making them “share” the X output signal (im using a GT2560)

If you were looking for more power, then I would just write them in series. There’s no reason for auto squaring. Series can affect torque at high speed, but it depends on your definition of high speed and a 24V psu would fix that too.


That’s a big caliper.


this is why my plan is to run 2 separate stepper drivers and slave them to the same set of control outputs from the micro controller.
i have done this trick before on my laser cutter and it seems to work fine.

gets me 1 driver per motor, but no auto squaring (which I don’t need in this case anyway)

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