V bit Inlay

After several cuts in foam…time for wood. Other than failing to align the wood grain I am pretty happy with the results. Shout out to SomeOldGuyCoding. Followed his videos for V bit inlay and tool changes.



I need to watch more Old Guy Coding videos. Planning on doing an inlay soon. Yours looks awesome though!

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Almost perfect, WOW!

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This cutting board was also done with V bit inlay. I am happy with the results but some of the inlays with sharp points are fairly thin at the point. These could chip out after the cutting board gets well used. I used plenty of glue so hopefully his won’t be a problem. Made with maple and walnut and butcher block oil.12x18





Wow, excellent outcome with those. I’ll have to have a look at this technique.

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Very nice! I can appreciate those pointy features.

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Super impressive!

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Now I need to go watch that video. Very nice!

One project that I want to do is a long shuffle board table with all of the markings inlaid.


There’s some great info and tools for doing V-carved inlays on that page.