V-Carve sign

First “real” project on my (Burly) MPCNC turned out great! I used F Engrave and MODfef per the first bit of the inlay tutorial. While it wasn’t the most optimized pathing and I needed to do a little bit of cleanup with a rotary tool after, I can’t complain too much for free software. Even got a tool change in without issue!

Carved with a 60 deg. Lee Valley V bit and 1/8" single flute bit. Black walnut with gold leaf. Letters are 100mm high (from top of “A” to bottom of “y”) 3mm deep.


That looks great! Is that just adhesive backed vinyl that you used for the mask or something else?

Thanks. And you got it! Cricut temporary adhesive backed vinyl. Super thin, came off clean. Highly recommend doing that step.

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Would you happen to have the link? The vinyl I’ve been using has bad tearout when making pockets. This looks pretty clean.

I got mine from Michaels (Canada) but it’s sold all over the place. Make sure you get removable rather than permanent! I also finished the surface to 220 grit which may have helped it stick. Zero blowout; the final picture was taken immediately after removing the mask.

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Gotcha. Thank you for the info!